The idea of RosettaGit is to present solutions to the same task in as many different programming languages as possible. It demonstrates how languages are similar and different and can help you learn new approaches to solving problems.

RosettaGit currently features 14 tasks, 4391 drafts, and 748 programming languages.

The ultimate goal is to have solutions to every task in every language.

The data was originally forked from on 2019-10-22. In comparison to Rosetta Code, in RosettaGit all code is stored and hosted in a repository on GitHub instead of a MediaWiki. This has following advantages:

  • Code can be edited with proper text editors
  • Continous integration and delivery can be used to ensure a high code quality
  • All infrastrucuture for git (e.g. GitHub) simplifies further development
  • Faster load times as pages are only rebuilt after a change

For a detailed explanation and build-log of this fork, please check out my launch blog post at