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[[Category:Operating Systems]]

'''A/UX''' (short for '''A'''pple '''U'''ni'''x''') was [[Apple Inc]]'s first [[Unix]]-like operating system. It only ran on certain [[wp:Motorola 68000 family|68k]] Macintoshes (according to [[wp:Category:A/UX-capable Macintoshes|Wikipedia]], only 13 models). Much like its modern-day successor, [[Mac OS|Mac OS X]], its GUI interface was based on the standard Mac OS look-and-feel (looking almost identical to then-current [[wp:System 7|System 7]]). Unlike the Mac OS of its time, A/UX included a command line interface, along with a GUI program to simplify selecting various terminal programs' options and switches.

In addition to its own programs, A/UX was also able to run standard MacOS programs via a compatibility layer (similar to modern-day [[wp:Wine (software)|Wine]]).

A/UX apparently had no influence on the development of OS X, which was instead based mostly on [[wp:NeXTSTEP|NeXTSTEP]], [[BSD]], and the [[wp:Mach (kernel)|Mach]] kernel.