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The best way to do "number crunching" in Algol 68 is to link to the [[wp:GNU Scientific Library|GNU Scientific Library]]. An interface to GSL is built in to [[ALGOL 68G]]. However historically Algol 68 also had available the [[wp:NAG Numerical Libraries|NAG Numerical Libraries]].

== NAG - Numerical Algorithm Group Library == The chapters in the [[Algol 68]] Mark 3 Library - with Rosettacode equivalents.

  • A02: [[wp:Complex number|Complex Arithmetic]] - [[Arithmetic/Complex#ALGOL 68|Arithmetic/Complex]] & [[Roots of unity#ALGOL 68|Roots of unity]]
  • A04: [[wp:Arbitrary-precision arithmetic|Extended Arithmetic]] - [[Long multiplication#ALGOL 68|Long multiplication]] & [[Lucas-Lehmer test#ALGOL 68|Lucas-Lehmer test]]
  • C02: [[wp:Polynomial function theorems for zeros|Zeros of a Polynomial]] - [[Nth root#ALGOL 68|Nth root]] & [[Roots of a quadratic function#ALGOL 68|Roots of a quadratic function]]
  • C05: [[wp:Root (mathematics)|Roots]] of One or More [[wp:Transcendental function|Transcendental Equations]] - None
  • C06: [[wp:Summation|Summation]] of [[wp:Series (mathematics)|Series]] - None
  • D01: [[wp:Numerical integration|Quadrature]] - [[Numerical integration#ALGOL 68|Numerical integration]]
  • D02: [[wp:Ordinary Differential Equations|Ordinary Differential Equations]] - None
  • D04: [[wp:Numerical differentiation|Numerical Differentiation]] - None
  • D05: [[wp:Integral equation|Integral Equations]] - None
  • E01: [[wp:Interpolation|Interpolation]] - None
  • E02: [[wp:Curve fitting|Curve and Surface Fitting]] - [[Forward difference#ALGOL 68|Forward difference]] & [[Polynomial regression#ALGOL 68|Polynomial regression]]
  • E04: [[wp:Optimization (mathematics)|Minimising or Maximising a Function]] - None
  • F01: [[wp:Interpolation|Interpolation]] - None
  • F02: [[wp:Eigenvalues|Eigenvalues]] and [[wp:Eigenvectors|Eigenvectors]] - None
  • F03: [[wp:Determinant|Determinant]]s - None
  • F04: [[wp:System of linear equations|Simultaneous Linear Equations]] - [[Reduced row echelon form#ALGOL 68|Reduced row echelon form]]
  • F05: [[wp:Orthogonalization|Orthogonalisation]] - None
  • G01: Simple Calculations and Statistical Data - [[Arithmetic evaluation#ALGOL 68|Arithmetic evaluation]], [[Arithmetic/Integer#ALGOL 68|Arithmetic/Integer]], [[Arithmetic/Rational#ALGOL 68|Arithmetic/Rational]], [[Averages/Pythagorean means#ALGOL 68|Averages/Pythagorean means]], [[Averages/Root mean square#ALGOL 68|Averages/Root mean square]], [[Averages/Simple moving average#ALGOL 68|Averages/Simple moving average]], [[Bitwise operations#ALGOL 68|Bitwise operations]][[Array Initialization#ALGOL 68|Array Initialization]], [[Combinations#ALGOL 68|Combinations]], [[Creating an Array#ALGOL 68|Creating an Array]], [[Exponentiation operator#ALGOL 68|Exponentiation operator]], [[Factorial#ALGOL 68|Factorial]], [[Factors of a Mersenne number#ALGOL 68|Factors of a Mersenne number]], [[Fibonacci sequence#ALGOL 68|Fibonacci sequence]], [[Greatest common divisor#ALGOL 68|Greatest common divisor]], [[Integer comparison#ALGOL 68|Integer comparison]], [[Miller-Rabin primality test#ALGOL 68|Miller-Rabin primality test]], [[Non-decimal radices/Convert#ALGOL 68|Non-decimal radices/Convert]], [[Non-decimal radices/Output#ALGOL 68|Non-decimal radices/Output]], [[Perfect numbers#ALGOL 68|Perfect numbers]], [[Primality by trial division#ALGOL 68|Primality by trial division]], [[Prime decomposition#ALGOL 68|Prime decomposition]] & [[Seven-sided dice from five-sided dice#ALGOL 68|Seven-sided dice from five-sided dice]]
  • G02: [[wp:Random Number Generators|Random Number Generators]] - [[Monte Carlo methods#ALGOL 68|Monte Carlo methods]] & [[Random numbers#ALGOL 68|Random numbers]]
  • G05: [[wp:Correlation|Correlation]]s and [[wp:Regression Analysis|Regression Analysis]] - [[Polynomial regression#ALGOL 68|Polynomial regression]]
  • H: [[wp:Operations Research|Operations Research]] - [[Knapsack problem/Unbounded#ALGOL 68|Knapsack problem/Unbounded]]
  • M01: [[wp:Sorting|Sorting]] - [[Binary search#ALGOL 68|Binary search]], [[Sort an integer array#ALGOL 68|Sort an integer array]], [[Sorting algorithms/Bogosort#ALGOL 68|Sorting algorithms/Bogosort]], [[Sorting algorithms/Bubble sort#ALGOL 68|Sorting algorithms/Bubble sort]], [[Sorting algorithms/Cocktail sort#ALGOL 68|Sorting algorithms/Cocktail sort]], [[Sorting algorithms/Counting sort#ALGOL 68|Sorting algorithms/Counting sort]], [[Sorting algorithms/Gnome sort#ALGOL 68|Sorting algorithms/Gnome sort]], [[Sorting algorithms/Insertion sort#ALGOL 68|Sorting algorithms/Insertion sort]], [[Sorting algorithms/Merge sort#ALGOL 68|Sorting algorithms/Merge sort]], [[Sorting algorithms/Selection sort#ALGOL 68|Sorting algorithms/Selection sort]] & [[Sorting algorithms/Shell sort#ALGOL 68|Sorting algorithms/Shell sort]]
  • P01: [[wp:Exception handling|Error Trapping]] - [[Assertions#ALGOL 68|Assertions]], [[Detect division by zero#ALGOL 68|Detect division by zero]], [[Exceptions#ALGOL 68|Exceptions]] & [[Exceptions/Catch an exception thrown in a nested call#ALGOL 68|Exceptions/Catch an exception thrown in a nested call]]
  • S: [[wp:Approximation algorithm|Approximations]] of [[wp:Special functions|Special Functions]] - [[Gamma function#ALGOL 68|Gamma function]], [[Standard deviation#ALGOL 68|Standard deviation]] & [[Trigonometric functions#ALGOL 68|Trigonometric functions]]
  • T01: [[wp:Vector|Vector]] and [[wp:Matrix multiplication|Matrix Operations]] - [[Matrix-exponentiation operator#ALGOL 68|Matrix-exponentiation operator]], [[Matrix multiplication#ALGOL 68|Matrix multiplication]] & [[Matrix transposition#ALGOL 68|Matrix transposition]]
  • X02: [[wp:Machine epsilon|Machine Constants]] - [[Boolean values#ALGOL 68|Boolean values]], [[Infinity#ALGOL 68|Infinity]], [[Literals/Integer#ALGOL 68|Literals/Integer]] & [[Real constants and functions#ALGOL 68|Real constants and functions]]
  • X03: [[wp:Inner products|Inner Products]] - [[Jensen's Device#ALGOL 68|Jensen's Device]], [[Sum and product of an array#ALGOL 68|Sum and product of an array]], [[Sum of a series#ALGOL 68|Sum of a series]] & [[Sum of squares#ALGOL 68|Sum of squares]]

Algol 68 Platforms supported [[wp:CDC 7600|CDC 7600]]/[[wp:CDC Cyber|CYBER]] ([[CDC ALGOL 68]]), [[wp:IBM 360|IBM 360]]/370/AMDAHL ([[FLACC]] [[ALGOL 68]]), [[wp:ICL 1900|ICL 1900]] ([[ALGOL 68R]]), ICL 1906A/S ([[ALGOL 68R]]) & ICL 2900(8) ([[ALGOL 68RS]]) and [[wp:Telefunken|Telefunken]] [[TR440]] ([[ALGOL 68C]])