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{{library}}The ''D Forms Library'', or '''DFL''', is a Win32 windowing library for the [[D]] language. DFL attempts to bring a high level, easy to use interface to the Win32 [[API]].

Selected Features of DFL:

  • Creation and management of [[GUI]] applications with a simple, object-oriented interface.
  • Event handlers for almost any event can be attached to many objects, such as controls, forms, and menus.
  • Controls can be docked on the parent form, so resize code isn't needed.
  • DFL provides sockets that do not block the GUI thread.

(Adapted from the DFL Wiki)


  • [http://www.dprogramming.com/dfl.php DFL Home]
  • [http://wiki.dprogramming.com/Dfl/HomePage DFL Wiki]
  • [https://github.com/Rayerd/dfl DFL Github (actively maintained version)]