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"Editor" in general is any program that can create/change data, as opposed to "Viewers", which can only display.

This category is about Text Editors, for working with "plain text", as opposed to "Word Processors", which handle documents with text-styles, fonts, embedded pictures etc.

A [[wp:Text_editor|text editor]] is a program for editing plain text files, such as source code for programs and scripts.

There are other types of editors, specializing for certain kinds of data, eg. HTML-editors, etc.

==Editors for Unix== *[[wp:Emacs|Emacs]] *[[wp:nano (text editor)|Nano]] *[[wp:pico (text editor)|Pico]] *[[wp:vi|Vi]] / [[wp:vim (text editor)|Vim]] *[[wp:Kate (text_editor)|Kate]]

==Editors for Windows== "Notepad" comes with a standard installation of MS-Windows. Better yet are "programmer's editors", such as: *[[wp:AkelPad|Akelpad]] *[[wp:Emacs|Emacs]] *[[wp:geany|Geany]] *[[wp:notepad++|Notepad++]], *[[wp:vim (text editor)|Vim]]

They provide many additional features, like [[wp:Syntax_highlighting|syntax highlighting]], [[wp:Brace_matching| brace matching]], extensions, and more.

;See also: *[[wp:Category:Free text editors|Free text editors]] *[[:Category:Integrated Development Environments|IDE]] *[[Hello world/Newbie]]