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Motorola 680x0 processors family was used by Amiga and [[Macintosh]]. Motorola stopped to the 68060, which is the last of the family (others are: 68000, 68010, 68020, 68030, 68040). The ''virtual'' successor family is the PowerPC processor family, promoted by a consortium where there was also Motorola. There's Amiga hardware (accelerator card) with both a 68060 and a PowerPC; and before switching to Intel, also Apple's Mac used PowerPCs as "successor" of the last 68060. In the embedded space, Palm handhelds at one point used 68k compatible processors, ColdFire and DragonBall, before switching over to the ARM architecture.

The 680x0 are [[big endian]], 32bit processors (but 68000/10 have only a 24bit [[address space]]), with eight general purpose data registers (d0-d7) and eight address registers (a0-a7, where a7, also called sp, is used as user [[system stack|stack]] pointer), and other registers like sr (status register).

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