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=MAPPER Commands=

==A== *@ADD Add two reports or results together and produce a result. *@ADR Add a permanent report *@ART Arithmetic function *@AUX Auxiliary device access (e.g. printers)

==B== *@BFN Binary find *@BLT Build label table *@BR Background run *@BRG Break graphics area *@BRK Break output area *@BTN Button (GUI window)

==C== *@CAB Cabinet Switch *@CAH Cache Report *@CAL Calculate *@CALL Call Subroutine *@CAU Calculate Update *@CAR Clear Abort Routine *@CBX Define Combo Box *@CCC COM Component Client Create *@CCG COM Client Get attribute *@CCI COM Client Invoke *@CCP COM Component Put attribute *@CCR COM Component Release *@CER Clear Error Routine *@CHD Command Handler *@CHG Change - set, amend and capture variables *@CLK Clear Link *@CLS Close Control (GUI) *@CLT Clear Label Table *@CLV Clear Variables *@CMP Compare reports *@CMU Commit Updates *@CNT Count *@CSR Clear Subroutine

==D== *@DAT Date processing *@DC Date Calculator *@DCPY Distributed Copy *@DCR Decode Report *@DCRE Distributed Create *@DCU Decommit Updates (rollback) *@DDE Dynamic Data Exchange interface *@DDI Data Definition Information (relational) *@DEC Decrement variable *@DEF Define (variable information) *@DEL Delete update lines from report *@DEV Device information *@DFC Default colour setting *@DFU Defer update lock *@DIAG Diagnostic report *@DIR Data Directory info *@DLR Delete report *@DPUR Distributed delete ("purge") *@DRW Drawer information *@DSF Display Form *@DSG Display Graphics *@DSM Display Message *@DSP Display Report *@DSX Display report and exit *@DUP Duplicate report *@DVS Define Variable Size (from report)