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'''Matplotlib''' is a plotting library for the [[Python]] programming language and its numerical mathematics extension [[NumPy]].

It can do 3D-plots, but the focus is on 2D-plotting.

Website: http://matplotlib.org/

There is a procedural "pylab" interface based on a state machine

(like [[OpenGL]]), designed to closely resemble that of [[MATLAB]],

see [http://matplotlib.org/api/pyplot_summary.html Plotting commands summary] and [http://matplotlib.org/faq/usage_faq.html#matplotlib-pyplot-and-pylab-how-are-they-related pyplot-and-pylab].

[[:Category:SciPy|SciPy]] makes use of matplotlib.

;See also: [[Gnuplot]]

[[Category:SciPy]] [[Category:Python]]