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Here, programming languages are divided into categories based on their properties and characteristics. Click on a category and you will see all languages that have that property (and/or more specific properties). From there, click on a language name, and you can see solutions written using that language.

If you don't see your favorite language here, you may [[Help:Request a new programming language|request it]] or [[Rosetta Code:Add a Language|add it yourself]]. Note that not all languages on Rosetta Code will appear in this hierarchy; '''proper usage of [[Template:Language]] is required for their properties to be known to the site.''' A list of '''all''' programming languages known to the site may be found [[:Category:Programming Languages|here]]; check there if you can't find a language you were expecting to see. Also see the [[Language Comparison Table]], where a manual effort is underway to do a direct feature comparison of languages.