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  • see these discussions before entering examples.: ** [[Category_talk:Unicon#ObjectIcon.2C_Jcon_and_Other_variants]] ** [[Category_talk:Unicon#Template.2F_How_to_write_up_Icon_and_Unicon_markup]] ** [[Category_talk:Unicon#Note_on_templates_for_other_variants]]
  • try and keep all the Icon variants grouped together under a single heading in tasks. Thanks --[[User:Dgamey|Dgamey]] 17:29, 17 December 2011 (UTC) == Note to ObjectIcon contributors == I haven't delved into the differences beyond the surface. Some of the differences are obvious and interesting; others, like IO, suggest that Icon/Unicon code would not run without modification. It may be trivial like an include/import or much more, I just can't say. Keep the code variants together and show us. Thanks. --[[User:Dgamey|Dgamey]] 17:56, 17 December 2011 (UTC)