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== Incorrect use of [[Category:Scala Implementations]] ==

Rosetta Code uses the "Implementations" categories to list pages that cover different implementations ''of the'' language, not to list examples implemented ''in a'' language (which is already taken care just by using the {{header|Lang}} template. See for example [[:Category:C Implementations]].

Also, most categorizations on this wiki are done via templates, not by direct inclusion of [[Category:…]] markup (e.g. {{implementation|Scala}} and {{improve|Scala|reason}}, not [[Category:Scala Implementations]] or [[Category:Scala examples needing attention]]).

All the pages currently listed in this category are incorrectly using [[Category:Scala Implementations]] and should be fixed. More importantly, new misuses of this category should not be added. —[[User:Dchapes|Dchapes]] ([[User talk:Dchapes|talk]]) 16:19, 1 September 2014 (UTC)