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= TornadoFX = Tornado FX is a small and light JavaFX Framework for the [https://kotlinlang.org Kotlin programming language]. Features include dependency injection, type safe builders, type safe CSS, property delegates, async task execution, a REST client, an MVC-like programming model and other small improvements to the Java FX platform, often implemented as [https://kotlinlang.org/docs/reference/extensions.html extension functions] to ensure close to zero performance overhead.

The principal design goal is to facilitate beautiful, concise and readable Kotlin kode and a DSL-like aproach and to cut boiler plate code to the absolute minimum. Tornado FX is compatible with other libraries you might add to your application, like ReactFX, RxJavaFX, and Kovenant.

Please see the complete [https://github.com/edvin/tornadofx/wiki/Documentation Documentation] to get started.