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'''VPython''', from http://www.vpython.org/ :

:"VPython is the [[Python]] programming language plus a 3D graphics modul" which also provides animations.

;Current version: VPython 6.11 - 2015-01-06

supports Python-Versions: 2.7.9

;2016-01-25 - [http://www.vpython.org/contents/announcements/evolution.html News]: Development of VPython will now split into these branches:

  • 'Classic VPython', still using Python 2.7, and
  • a 'new' branch using [http://www.glowscript.org GlowScript] based on WebGL.

'''Forum:''' https://groups.google.com/forum/?fromgroups&hl=en#!forum/vpython-users

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