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{{draft task|Program options and user interface}} This is a sub-task of the [[Chess player]] task.

Using previously created [[Chess player/Move generation]] and [[Chess player/Search and evaluation]] components, write a ''driver'' or ''main loop'' which will allow a user to play a game against the computer. This can use either a simple ASCII command-line interface or a more elaborate graphical interface. Implement the basic features given below, and optionally some of the more advanced ones

Basic implementation: #Allow player to choose colour #Validate user-entered moves #Show updated board position after each move #Detect and show Checkmate and Stalemate

Advanced implementation: #Time controls #Detect drawn positions #Chess engine interface: UCI, CECP or XBoard #Use an opening book #Show principal variation during search #Computer thinking on opponent's time #Save and replay games in a standard format #Analyze positions, eg mate-in-N