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{{draft task|Search and Evaluation}} This is a sub-task of the [[Chess player]] task.

Create a function or software component which will search the tree of moves from a given chess position up to a maximum depth and determine the best move for the computer. Use a previously written [[Chess player/Move generation]] component for enumerating the moves. This is where a lot of effort has been spent to improve chess-playing programs, so you can create a basic version or implement some of the features mentioned below to get a faster or cleverer version.

Basic implementation: #min-max search #static evaluation based on material (numbers and types of pieces)

Advanced implementation: #Alpha-beta, nega-scout or MTD-f #improved static evaluation using pawn structure and piece locations #Iterative deepening and move ordering #Quiescence searching extensions #Null move heuristic #Endgame database #(very advanced) Optimizing board evaluation functions via genetic algorithms