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'''Cilk++''' is a commercial implementation of [[:Category:Cilk|Cilk]] that was developed by Cilk Arts, Inc. Like MIT Cilk, it supports [[:Category:C|C]]; unlike MIT Cilk, it also supports [[:Category:C++|C++]]. It is compatible with both [[GNU Compiler Collection|GCC]] and [[Microsoft]] C++ compilers. In addition to the commercial verison, Academic and Open Source versions also exist, where the Open Source version is under an in-house license that falls somewhere between the updated BSD license and the LGPL.

In 2009, [[Intel]] acquired Cilk Arts, the Cilk++ technology and the Cilk trademark. In 2010, Intel released a commercial implementation in its compilers combined with some data parallel constructs with the name [[wp:Intel Cilk Plus|Intel Cilk Plus]]. Intel has also released a specification to enable other compatible implementations, and has said the trademark will be usable by compliant implementations.