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{{implementation|BASIC}}{{IDE}}{{Compiler}} {{wikipedia|DarkBASIC}} '''DarkBASIC''' (a.k.a. '''DB''') is a commercial game creation programming language released by [[wp:The Game Creators|The Game Creators]]. The language is a structured form of [[BASIC]] and is similar to [[wp:AMOS (programming language)|AMOS]] on the [[AmigaOS|Amiga]].

The purpose of the language is game creation using [[Microsoft]]'s [[wp:DirectX|DirectX]] from a BASIC programming language. It can create both 2D and 3D games using a lot less code than the equivalent program would take by using more powerful languages such as C++ due to the included libraries.

There are two varieties of DB: the original DarkBASIC (often referred to as '''DarkBASIC Classic''') and '''DarkBASIC Professional''' (a.k.a. '''DBPro'''). Both run under [[Microsoft]] [[Windows]] only.

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