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{{IDE}}The Ecere Integrated Development Environment is part of the [[Ecere]] SDK and the official IDE to develop in the [[eC]] language.

It is a complete cross-platform development environment for editing code, designing [[GUI|graphical user interfaces]], managing and building projects as well as debugging. Its aim is to fully support eC and [[C]] programming, but also supports including and building e.g. [[C++]] modules as part of the projects.

== Designer == The designer allows for visually editing objects (such as forms). The property sheets and method sheets are also available to interactively modifying methods and properties (whether working in the designer or code editor). Code and designer are automatically synchronized as modifications are made from one side or the other. User [[API]]s can include Designer functionality to integrate their own visual editors inside the designer

== Code Editor == The Ecere IDE's code editor is a standard syntax highlighting text editor featuring contextual feedback for things like instance members, parameters, function prototypes as well as autocomplete support. It also facilitates overriding methods.

== Project Management == The Ecere IDE supports multiple configurations (e.g. Debug and Release), specifying compiling and linking options and can build executables, static and shared libraries. Building projects report errors to which one can easily jump to in the code. Resources can be integrated inside executables and are easily accessible using the Ecere file access system. The IDE has a Find in Files and Find in Project feature for quick searches through the code.

== Debugger == The debugger allows to step through code, view the call stack and jump to frames, view the threads and switch between them, settings breakpoint, inspecting the values of expressions.