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'''Free Pascal Compiler''' ('''FPC''' for short) is a free and open-source [[:Category:Pascal|Pascal]] and [[:Category:Object Pascal|Object Pascal]] compiler.

Free Pascal fully or partially supports the dialects of many other Pascal compilers, including those of [[Turbo Pascal]] (up to version 7), [[:Category:Delphi|Delphi]], as well as some compilers that were available on the [[Macintosh]]. More than one dialect may be used to produce a single program. However, Free Pascal does not support the ISO Pascal standard.

A member of the [[wp:Write once, compile anywhere|write once, compile anywhere]] campaign, Free Pascal is available on many architectures and operating systems. It has an excellent support for integration of [[assembly|assembly language]], and supports internal assembler in a number of dialects.

Separate projects exist to facilitate the development of cross-platform graphical applications, the most prominent one being the [[Lazarus]] IDE.

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