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==[[C++]]== ===for_each === '''Compiler:''' [[g++]] 4.1.1

#include // std::cout, std::endl #include // std::vector #include // std::for_each

struct sum { int _sum;
sum() : _sum(0) {}; // Initialize sum with 0; void operator() (int a) { _sum += a; } // this function will be called for every element };

int main() { std::vector v; v.push_back(10); v.push_back(23); v.push_back(34);

/* Note that for_each gets a fresh instance of sum passed,
 * applies every element beginning with *v.begin() up to,
 * but not including v.end() to the function object
 * and returns a copy of it.

sum the_sum = std::for_each(v.begin(), v.end(), sum());

std::cout << "The sum is " << the_sum._sum << std::endl;
return 0;