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INL1 Icon Newsletter #1
INL1 Announcment of availability of Icon (written in RATFOR) for the CDC 6000/CYBER and DEC-10
INL2 Icon Newsletter #2 - August 4, 1979
INL2 1. Version 1.3 of Icon
INL2 2. Feedback from Users
INL2 3. Implementation Issues
INL2 4. Portability Issues
INL2 5. An Implementation of Icon in C
INL2 6. Language Issues (and the SNOBOL4 syndrome)
INL2 7. Documentation
INL2 Acknowledgements
INL3 Icon Newsletter #3 - February 22, 1980
INL3 Perspective on Icon
INL3 Version 2 of Icon
INL3 Feedback
INL3 Portable Icon
INL3 The C Implementation of Icon
INL3 Programming Corner - scanning tab and move
INL3 Distribution Request Forms - Version 2.0 and Portable Icon
INL4 Icon Newsletter #4 - June 3, 1980
INL4 Icon for UNIX
INL4 Features of Version 3
INL4 Future Directions
INL4 Programming Corner - goal-directed evaluation and limiting backtracking
INL4 Whimsy
INL4 Publications
INL4 Document Request
INL4 Request for Version 3 of Icon
INL5 Icon Newsletter #5 -December 31, 1980
INL5 1. Version 2 of Icon
INL5 1.1 Status
INL5 1.2 Existing Implementations
INL5 1.3 Corrections to the Portable Implementation
INL5 2. Version 3 of Icon
INL5  3. Current Research
INL5 3.1 Generators and Control Structures
INL5 3.2 Generators in C
INL5 3.3 Pattern Matching in Icon
INL5 4. Other Icon Documents
INL5  5. Programming Corner - puzzles and posed questions
INL5 Acknowledgements
INL5 Request for Icon Documents
INL5 Portable Icon Distribution Request; Version 2.0
INL5 UNIX Icon Distribution Request; Version 3.2
INL6 Icon Newsletter #6 - May I. 1981
INL6 I. Portable Icon
INL6 1.1 Implementations
INL6 1.2 Word-Size Limitations
INL6 1.3 Updated Corrections to Version 2
INL6 2. The UNIX Implementation of Icon
INL6 2.1 Version 3
INL6 2.2 Version 4
INL6 3. Current Research
INL6 3.1 Sequences and Expression Evaluation
INL6 3.2 Models of String Pattern Matching
INL6 3.3 Generators in C
INL6 4. Programming Corner
INL6 4.1 An Idiom
INL6 4.2 Solutions to Questions Posed in Newsletter #5
INL6 Request for Icon Documents
INL7 Icon Newsletter #7 - August 4, 1981
INL7 1. Version 4 of Icon
INL7 2. Other Implementation News
INL7 3. Programming Corner - self reproducing program
INL7 References
INL7 Request for Icon Documents
INL 7 UNIX Icon Distribution Request; Version 4
INL8 Icon Newsletter #8 - November 30, 1981
INL8 1. Cg
INL8 2. Version 5 of Icon
INL8 3. Other Implementation News
INL8 3.1 Version 2.1 Implementation for PRIME Computers
INL8 3.2 Icon for the ONYX C8002
INL8 4. Icon Book
INL8 5. Programming Corner
INL8 Request for Icon Documents
INL8 Request for Cg/Version 5 Icon
INL9 Icon Newsletter #9 - August 22, 1982
INL9 Version 2 Implementation Information
INL9 Version 5 Implementation Information
INL9 Transporting the C Implementation of Icon
INL9 1. The Icon Book
INL9 Research Related to Icon
INL9 Icon Documents
INL9 Programming Corner - odd shuffle
INL9 Request for Icon Documents
INL9 Request for Version 2 Icon for the IBM 360/370 and VAX
INL10 Icon Newsletter #10 - November 8, 1982 
INL10 Version 5 Icon for the VAX Operating under UNIX*
INL10 Version 5 Icon for the VAX Operating under VMS 
INL10 Porting the C Implementation of Icon 
INL10 The Icon Book
INL10 Electronic Mail 
INL10 Programming Corner - result sequences 
INL10 Request for Version 5 Icon for VAX/UNIX 
INL11 Icon Newsletter #11 - March 8, 1983 
INL11 Icon Book
INL11 Version 5 Implementation Information
INL11 Icon Program Library
INL11 Icon Documents
INL11 Programming Corner
INL11 Contacting the Icon Project
INL11 Request for Icon Documents
INL11 Request for Release 5g of Icon for UNIX
INL12 Icon Newsletter #12 - July 14, 1983
INL12 The Icon Compiler Versus the Interpreter
INL12 Icon Program Library
INL12 Transporting Icon to UNIX Environments
INL12 Version 5 of Icon for the Onyx C8002
INL12 Version 5.8 of Icon
INL12 Status of Version 5 of Icon for VAX/VMS
INL12 Icon Discussion Group
INL12 Version 2 Versus Version 5 of Icon
INL12 Recent Icon Documents
INL12 Programming Corner - N-Queens, N-Rooks, Scanning entire files, random numbers
INL12 Request for Icon Documents
INL12 Request for Version 5.8 of Icon for UNIX
INL13 Icon Newsletter #13 - August 31, 1983
INL13 Version 5 of Icon for VMS
INL13 Programming Corner: Random Numbers
INL14 Icon Newsletter #14 - January 17, 1984
INL14 Survey
INL14 Programming Corner: Answers; Returning More than One Value from a Procedure; Initial Assigned Values in Tables; Matching Expressions; Problems with Dereferencing; Syntactic Pitfalls; Trivia Corner
INL14 Recent Icon Documents
INL14 Request for Icon Documents
INL15 Icon Newsletter #15 - June 7, 1984
INL15 1. Results from the Questionnaire
INL15 2. Version 5 Implementation News
INL15 3. Bugs in Version 5 VAX/VMS Icon
INL15 4. Work in Progress: Version 5.9, Sets in Icon; Production Icon; Generators in Object-Oriented Languages
INL15 5. Use of Icon in Computer Science Courses
INL15 6. Portability of Version 5
INL15 7. Programming Corner: Assignment to Subscripted Strings; Trivia Corner; Pitfalls; 
INL15 8. Electronic Mail
INL15 9. The Icon Mailing List
INL15 10. New Documents
INL15 Request for Icon Documents
INL16 Icon Newsletter #16 - November 12, 1984
INL16 1. Implementations of Icon
INL16 Version 5.9 of UNIX Icon
INL16 Other Implementation News
INL16 2. Bug in Version 5 of Icon
INL16 3. Record Field References
INL16 4. Comments on Teaching Icon and the Icon Book
INL16 5. Rebus
INL16 6. Programming Corner
INL16 Chosing Programming Techniques in Icon
INL16 Different Ways of Looking at Things
INL16 7. Electronic Mail
INL16 8. New Documents
INL16 Request for Icon Documents
INL16 Version 5.9 UNIX Icon Distribution Request
INL16 Version 5.8 Eunice Icon Distribution Request
INL17 Icon Newsletter #17 - March 1, 1985
INL17 1. Icon Distribution Policy
INL17 2. Implementation News
INL17 Icon for the Sun Workstation
INL17 Icon for the AT&T 3B20
INL17 Version 5.9 of Icon for VAX/VMS
INL17 3. Contributions from Users
INL17 The Programming Language (Pascal-Icon)
INL17 Generators in Smalltalk
INL17 Logicon: An Integration of Prolog into Icon
INL17 An Application for Linguistic Analysis
INL17 4. Use of Icon in Computer Science Courses
INL17 5. Programming Corner: Anagramming; 
INL17 Logicon: an Integration of Prolog into Icon
INL17 1. Integration of Prolog into Icon
INL17 1.1 Prolog Term Representation
INL17 1.2 External Interface
INL17 Entering Relations
INL17 2. Uses of Logicon
INL17 Bibliography
INL17 Version 5.9 UNIX Icon Distribution Request
INL17 Request for Version 5.9 of Icon for the AT&T 3B20
INL17 Request for Version 5.9 of Icon for VAX/VMS
INL18 Icon Newsletter #18 - April 23, 1985
INL18 1. Implementation News
INL18 Icon for the IBM PC under PC/IX
INL18 Icon for AT&T 3B2/3B5 and for UNIX/PC
INL18 Corrected Request Form for Version 5.9 VAX/VMS Icon
INL18 Another Implementation Project
INL18 2. An Icon Machine?
INL18 3. Programming Corner
INL18 4. New Documents
INL18 Request for Version 5.9 of Icon for VAX/VMS
INL18 Request for Version 5.9 of Icon for PC/IX
INL18 Request for Icon Documents
INL19 Icon Newsletter #19 - September 25, 1985 
INL19 1. Implementation News
INL19 Version 5.9 of Icon for MS-DOS Systems
INL19 Version 5.9 of Icon for the WICAT
INL19 Version 5.10 of Icon for UNIX Systems
INL19 Version 5.10 of Icon for the UNIX-PC
INL19 The IIT Implementation of Icon
INL19 2. Implementation Book
INL19 3. Contribution from a User
INL19 4. New Documents
INL19 Request for Icon Documents
INL19 Request for Version 5.9 of Icon for MS-DOS
INL19 Request for Version 5.10 of Icon for UNIX
INL20 Icon Newsletter #20 - January 24, 1986
INL20 1. Implementation News
INL20 Version 5.10 of Icon for AT&T 3B Computers
INL20 Version 6 of Icon
INL20 2. The Icon Program Library for DOS Systems
INL20 3. Icon Workshop Anyone?
INL20 4. Availability of the Icon Book
INL20 5. New Payment Policy for Icon Materials
INL20 6. Programming Corner: String Scanning; A Programming Idiom; Teasers; Other Exercises
INL20 7. New Documents
INL20 Acknowledgement
INL20 Icon Workshop
INL20 Request for Icon Documents
INL20 Request for Version 5.9 of Icon for DOS
INL21 Icon Newsletter #21  - June 10, 1986
INL21 1. Welcome, New Readers! 
INL21 2. Implementation News 
INL21 Version 6 of Icon 
INL21 Icon for DOS 
INL21 Version 5.10 on the Sun Workstation 
INL21 3. Payment for Icon Materials 
INL21 4. Status of the Icon Workshop
INL21 5. From our Mail
INL21 6. Programming Corner 
INL21 Correction
INL21 Solutions to Previous Problems 
INL21 Request for Icon Documents
INL21 Request for Version 6.0 of Icon for UNIX Systems 
INL21 Request for Version 6.0 of Icon for VAX/VMS 
INL21 Request for Version 5.9 of Icon for DOS 
INL22 Icon Newsletter #22 - October 21,1986 
INL22 1. Newsletter Subscriptions 
INL22 2. Implementation News 
INL22 Implementations in Progress  
INL22 3. The Implementation Book 
INL22 4. Electronic Access 
INL22 Program Material via FTP 
INL22 Electronic Bulletin Board at the University of Arizona
INL22 5. From our Mail
INL22 6. Programming Corner 
INL22 A Simple Calculator 
INL22 Acknowledgements 
INL22 Ordering Information 
INL22 Order Form 
INL23 The Icon Newsetter - Number 23 — February 3,1987 
INL23 Questionnaires 
INL23 Status of the Newsletter 
INL23 Implementation News 
INL23 Icon for the Macintosh 
INL23 Icon for the Atari ST 
INL23 MS-DOS Icon 
INL23 Porting Icon to Other Computers 
INL23 The Implementation Book 
INL23 Access to the Icon Project 
INL23 Program Material via FTP 
INL23 Electronic Bulletin Board
INL23 From our Mail 
INL23 Programming Corner
INL23 A Program to Deal and Display Bridge Hands 
INL23 Processing Command-Line Arguments 
INL23 Upcoming in the Newsletter 
INL23 Ordering Information 
INL23 Order Form 
INL24 The Icon Newsletter - Number 24 — June 13,1987 
INL24 Welcome to New Subscribers 
INL24 Tabulation of Questionnaires 
INL24 Applications of Icon 
INL24 Prototyping at AT&T Information Systems 
INL24 Test Generation at Tartan Laboratories 
INL24 Report from a Conference
INL24 Implementation News 
INL24 New Implementations 
INL24 Summary of Existing Implementations
INL24 Stand-Alone Icon for the Mac 
INL24 Documents Related to Icon 
INL24 Implementation Documentation 
INL24 Technical Reports 
INL24 TR 87-2 A Recursive Interpreter for Icon
INL24 TR 87-6 Programming in Icon; Part II — Programming with Co-Expressions
INL24 IPD29 Supplementary Information for the Implementation of Version 6 of Icon, by Ralph E. Griswold. 
INL24 Back Issues of the Icon Newsletter 
INL24 From our Mail 
INL24 What is the Icon Project? 
INL24 Research in Progress 
INL24 Implementing Generators and Goal-Directed Evaluation 
INL24 Type Inference 
INL24 Pattern Matching in Real Time
INL24 A New Language? 
INL24 The Icon Program Library-
INL24 Programming Corner
INL24 Correction 
INL24 Processing Command-Line Options 
INL24 Efficient Programming in Icon 
INL24 Puzzles and Such 
INL24 Upcoming in the Newsletter 
INL24 Our Army 
INL24 A SNOBOL's Chance
INL24 Ordering Icon Material 
INL24 What's Available 
INL24 Program Material 
INL24 Documentation 
INL24 Order Form 
INL25 Odds and Ends 
INL25 The Icon Newsletter - No. 25 — November 1,1987
INL25 Odds and Ends
INL25 Subscriptions to the CNjzPsktter 
INL25 Use of Our Mailing List 
INL25 Contacting the Icon Project 
INL25 Reporting Problems 
INL25 Implementation News
INL25 An Extension Interpreter for Icon 
INL25 From Our Mail 
INL25 Icon BBS at Arizona 
INL25 Ordering Icon Books Outside the United States 
INL25 A Brief History of Icon
INL25 The Icon Project (continued) 
INL25 Language Corner 
INL25 Failure 
INL25 Programming Corner 
INL25 Pattern Words 
INL25 Environment Variables
INL25 Benchmarking Icon Expressions
INL25 Queens Never Die
INL25 Icon Electronic Clip-Art "Contest" 
INL25 New Documents 
INL25 IPD18, Benchmarking Icon Expressions
INL25 IPD41, Tabulating Expression Activity in Icon
INL25 Upcoming in the Newsletter 
INL25 Ordering Icon Material 
INL25 What's Available 
INL25 Program Material 
INL25 Icon for Personal Computers
INL25 Icon for Porting: 
INL25 Documentation 
INL25 Order Form 
INL26 The Icon Newsletter - No. 26 — March 1,1988
INL26 Odds and Ends 
INL26 The Icon Extension Interpreter 
INL26 Icon Clip-Art Contest 
INL26 Implementation News 
INL26 Version 7 of Icon is Released
INL26 Update Policy
INL26 Status of the Icon Program Library 
INL26 Icon for Prime Computers 
INL26 ICEBOL3 in April 
INL26 Revision of the Icon Language Book
INL26 Feedback
INL26 From Our Mail 
INL26 In Support of Icon 
INL26 A Brief History of Icon — Continued
INL26 Language Corner 
INL26 The Null Value 
INL26 Programming Corner 
INL26 Timing Expressions 
INL26 Storage Allocation 
INL26 Clip-Art Credits
INL26 Ordering Icon Material 
INL26 What's Available 
INL26 Program Material 
INL26 Order Form 
INL27 The Icon Newsletter - No. 27 —June 11,1988 
INL27 Logo!
INL27 New Icon Implementations
INL27 Commercial Support for Icon? 
INL27 A Brief History of Icon — Concluded 
INL27 From Our Mail 
INL27 Bugs 
INL27 Leap-Year Woes 
INL27 String-Allocation "Botch" 
INL27 Language Corner 
INL27 Failure and Errors 
INL27 Inside Icon 
INL27 Clip-Art Credits 
INL27 Ordering Icon Material 
INL27 What's Available 
INL27 Program Material 
INL27 Order Form 
INL28 The Icon Newsletter - No. 28 — October 15,1988 
INL28 For New Readers 
INL28 Odds and Ends 
INL28 Correction 
INL28 We're Flattered
INL28 Icon Workshop 
INL28 Icon "Clip Art" 
INL28 Implementation News 
INL28 MS-DOS Icon for 386 PCs 
INL28 MS-DOS Icon under Turbo C 
INL28 XENIX V/386 Icon 
INL28 Icon for the IBM 370 Architecture 
INL28 Amiga Icon 
INL28 Implementation Updates 
INL28 From Our Mail 
INL28 A Contribution from Users
INL28 Inside Icon 
INL28 Bugs 
INL28 Icon Benchmarks
INL28 Documents Related to Icon
INL28 Quick Reference Sheets for Icon 
INL28 Clip Art Credits
INL28 Quick Reference Sheets for Icon
INL28 Icon Programming Language Reference Sheet 
INL28 Ordering Icon Material 
INL28 Order Form 
INL29 The Icon Newsletter - No. 29 - February 14,1989 
INL29 Implementation News 
INL29 Icon for OS/2 
INL29 Implementation Updates 
INL29 Letter from an "Old Icon Hand" 
INL29 A Contribution from Users (cont'd)
INL29 Run-Time Record Definition 
INL29 From Our Mail 
INL29 Programming Corner 
INL29 Table Keys 
INL29 Unique Values in a List 
INL29 Data Backtracking 
INL29 Demography 
INL29 What's in the Works 
INL29 Faculty Positions
INL29 ICEBOL4 in October 
INL29 Art Credits
INL29 Ordering Icon Material 
INL29 What's Available 
INL29 Program Material 
INL29 Documentation 
INL29 Order Form 
INL30 The Icon Newsletter - No. 30 - June 4,1989 
INL30 Credit Card Orders
INL30 Icon Program Library 
INL30 Implemen
INL30 Version 7.5
INL30 Communicating with the Icon Project 
INL30 Getting Material Electronically
INL30 Network File Transfer 
INL30 Electronic Bulletin Board 
INL30 Electronic Mail 
INL30 Electronic Newsgroup 
INL30 From Our Mail 
INL30 The New Features 
INL30 Using Object Icon 
INL30 Programming Corner 
INL30 Two-Way Tables 
INL30 The Prolcon Group Announces First Language Release 
INL30 Graphics Credits
INL30 Ordering Icon Material 
INL31 The Icon Newsletter - No. 31 - September 15,1989
INL31 Price Increases 
INL31 Implementation News
INL31 Icon for the IBM 370 
INL31 Other Implementation News 
INL31 Source Updates for MS-DOS 
INL31 A Word of Thanks 
INL31 Geographical Distribution of Newsletter Subscriptions 
INL31 Improving the Performance of Sets and Tables in Icon 
INL31 Introduction 
INL31 Algorithm Overview
INL31 Hashing 
INL31 Segment Handling 
INL31 Changes to Operations 
INL31 Reorganization and Element Generation 
INL31 Performance Measurements 
INL31 Conclusions 
INL31 Icon Benchmarks 
INL31 Benchmarks for Version 7.5 of Icon
INL31 Icon Version Numbering
INL31 Graphic Credit 
INL31 Programming Corner 
INL31 Prolcon Licenses 
INL31 Ordering Icon Material 
INL32 The Icon Newsletter - No. 32 - January 15,1990 
INL32 Address Change 
INL32 From Our Mail 
INL32 Object-Oriented Icon 
INL32 Motivation 
INL32 Classes 
INL32 Objects 
INL32 Object Invocation 
INL32 Inheritance 
INL32 Multiple Inheritance 
INL32 Invoking Superclass Operations INL32 
INL32 Public Fields 
INL32 Miscellany
INL32 Running Idol 
INL32 Getting a Copy 
INL32 Bugs 
INL32 Language Corner 
INL32 Returning from Procedures 
INL32 Generators 
INL32 Graphic Credits 
INL32 Programming Corner
INL32 Correction
INL32 Cset Operations 
INL32 Black Holes 
INL32 Records
INL32 Idiomatic Icon 
INL32 Trivia Corner 
INL32 Ordering Icon Material
INL33 The Icon Newsletter - No. 33 - May 15,1990
INL33 Version 8 of Icon is Here! 
INL33 New Language Features 
INL33 Implementation Changes 
INL33 Memory Monitoring 
INL33 Available Implementations 
INL33 The Icon Program Library 
INL33 Thank You! 
INL33 Books, Books 
INL33 Second Edition of the Icon Language Book 
INL33 Another Icon Book
INL33 Newsletter Change — Important 
INL33 From Our Mail 
INL33 Icon Documentation 
INL33 Getting Icon Material By FTP 
INL33 A Compiler for Icon 
INL33 Overview 
INL33 Compiler Organizatio
INL33 Programming Corner 
INL33 Trivia 
INL33 Scope 
INL33 Graphic Credits 
INL33 Ordering Icon Material
INL34 The Icon Newsletter - No. 34 - October 15,1990
INL34 Version 8 of Icon 
INL34 Corrections to the Second Edition of the Icon Book 
INL34 Newsletters 
INL34 Book Prices
INL34 Second Icon Workshop 
INL34 Prolcon Version 2.0 
INL34 Update on the Icon Optimizing Compiler 
INL34 The Icon Program Library 
INL34 Subscribing to Library Updates 
INL34 Contributions to the Icon Program Library 
INL34 Example Library Program 
INL34 Icon Program Library (continued) 
INL34 FTP Access to Icon Executable Files 
INL34 From Our Mail 
INL34 An Oral History of Icon 
INL34 An Icon Programming Environment 
INL34 Bug in Version 8 of Icon 
INL34 Ordering Icon Material 
INL35 The Icon Newsletter - No. 35 - March 1,1991 
INL35 Newsletters 
INL35 The Icon Program Library 
INL35 Icon in Your Pocket 
INL35 Bug in Version 8 of MS-DOS Icon 
INL35 Update on the Icon Optimizing Compiler
INL35 New Company Formed to Provide Commercial Support for Icon
INL35 Prolcon Version 2.0 
INL35 Programming Corner 
INL35 Syntax 
INL35 A Prime Number Generator 
INL35 From Our Mail 
INL35 SNOBOL4 Corner 
INL35 The End of an Era? 
INL35 Ordering Icon Material
INL36 The Icon Newsletter - No. 36 - July 1,1991 
INL36 For New Readers 
INL36 The Icon Compiler 
INL36 Advantages of the Compiler 
INL36 Disadvantages of the Compiler 
INL36 Using the Icon Compiler 
INL36 Getting the Icon Compiler 
INL36 Looking Ahead 
INL36 Icon News Group 
INL36 The lcon Analyst 
INL36 X-Window Facilities for Icon 
INL36 Getting Icon Material Via FTP
INL36 Icon from ISI 
INL36 ISIcon Does Modules 
INL36 Programming Corner 
INL36 From Our Mail 
INL36 SNOBOL4 Corner
INL36 Ordering Icon Material 
INL37 The Icon Newsletter - No. 37 - November 1,1991 
INL37 For New Readers 
INL37 Whaf s Going on with Icon? 
INL37 Icon Compiler Documentation 
INL37 Geographical Distribution of Subscriptions 
INL37 Executable Files for the Interpreter 
INL37 ISI Icon Release 
INL37 Prolcon 2.0 Upgrade 
INL37 Smaller Icode Files for UNIX  
INL37 Programming Corner 
INL37 From Our Mail 
INL37 Programming Language Archives  
INL37 Faculty Positions 
INL37 Thanks from the Editors  
INL37 Icon Seminar 
INL37 Icon Program Library Update  
INL37 Graphic Credits
INL37 Tweening 
INL37 A Puzzle 
INL37 Public-Domain 386 MS-DOS Icon 
INL37 Ordering Icon Material 
INL38 The Icon Newsletter - No. 38 - March 1,1992 
INL38 Newsletter Subscriptions 
INL38 Version 8.5 of Icon 
INL38 New Macintosh Icon  
INL38 More on UNIX Icode Files  
INL38 Icon Applications 
INL38 RBBS at the Icon Project
INL38 A Puzzle 
INL38 Producing the Newsletter
INL38 ISIcon Release 1.0  
INL38 Icon Program Library Updates  
INL38 Prolcon Spring Sale 
INL38 Graphic Credits 
INL38 From Our Mail 
INL38 Ordering Icon Material 
INL38 Newsletter Subscription Renewal Form 
INL39 The Icon Newsletter - No. 39 - August 15,1992
INL39 Feedback 
INL39 New Implementations 
INL39 The Icon Optimizing Compiler 
INL39 Changes in Icon Distribution 
INL39 Icon Via FTP
INL39 An Icon Debugger 
INL39 Icon Auto-Stereogram 
INL39 From Our Mail
INL39 Graphic Credits 
INL39 Icon on CD-ROM  
INL39 Icon Class Projects  
INL39 Ordering Icon Material
INL40 The Icon Newsletter - No. 40 - December 21,1992 
INL40 Reflections 
INL40 New Implementations  
INL40 Icon Graphics
INL40 TEXT Technology  
INL40 Acknowledgments 
INL40 Icon Class Projects 
INL40 Programming Corner 
INL40 Icon on the NEC 9801  
INL40 Ordering Icon Material 
INL41 The Icon Newsletter - No. 41 - March 15,1993
INL41 New Icon Program Library 
INL41 Supporting the Icon Project
INL41 In the Works
INL41 Moving?  
INL41 FTP Files by Electronic Mail 
INL41 Prolcon Price Reduction  
INL41 Noun Stem Generation of Finnish 
INL41 Programming Corner 
INL41 Third Icon Workshop
INL41 Ordering Icon Material
INL42 The Icon Newsletter - No. 42 - July 15,1993
INL42 Version 8.10 of Icon 
INL42 Exploring Natural Language Syntax  
INL42 Prograrnming Corner 
INL42 Supporting the Icon Project 
INL42 Icon Analyst Back Issues 
INL42 From Our Mail 
INL42 Ordering Icon Material 
INL43 The Icon Newsletter - No. 43 - November 15,1993 
INL43 Implementation News 
INL43 An Icon-Based Parser Generator  
INL43 Icon for Humanists Out of Print
INL43 Holiday Closing 
INL43 From Our Mail
INL43 Icon in the Classroom 
INL43 Graphics Credits 
INL43 Ordering Icon Material 
INL44 The Icon Newsletter - No. 44 – March 15, 1994
INL44 ProIcon Now in Public Domain 
INL44 Version 9 of Icon 
INL44 SNOBOL4 Corner 
INL44 Graphics Programming Book 
INL44 Thank You 
INL44 Uploading Files 
INL44 Language Archives 
INL44 Icon Mugs 
INL44 From Our Mail 
INL44 Frequently Asked Questions 
INL44 Ordering Icon Material
INL45 The Icon Newsletter - No. 45 – August 15, 1994
INL45 Version 9 of Icon
INL45 Update Subscriptions 
INL45 The Icon Analyst
INL45 BYTE Article on Icon 
INL45 Icon RBBS 
INL45 FTP Files by Electronic Mail
INL45 Graphics Credits 
INL45 Stereograms 
INL45 Language Archives 
INL45 Access to CBI Archives 
INL45 IClip 
INL45 Phasing Out 5.25" Floppies 
INL45 From Our Mail 
INL45 Ordering Icon Material 
INL46 The Icon Newsletter - No. 46 – December 29, 1994
INL46 Version 9 of Icon 
INL46 ProIcon Manual Reprint 
INL46 Icon RBBS Discontinued 
INL46 Getting Books About Icon 
INL46 Vidgets 
INL46 Graphics Book 
INL46 Icon for Software Engineering 
INL46 Credits 
INL46 From Our Mail 
INL46 Ordering Icon Material
INL47 The Icon Newsletter - No. 47 – June 15, 1995
INL47 New Area Code 
INL47 Status Report 
INL47 Icon Analyst 
INL47 Diskette Distribution 
INL47 Icon Program Library
INL47 Contributing Articles 
INL47 Graphics Programming Course 
INL48 The Icon Newsletter - No. 48 – November 28, 1995
INL48 Icon Documentation on the Web
INL48 Icon Newsletter Subscriptions 
INL48 Status Report 
INL48 News and Notes 
INL48 Technical Support 
INL48 Thank you
INL48 View from the Icon Project 
INL49 The Icon Newsletter - No. 49 – April 1, 1996
INL49 New Editor 
INL49 Icon Program Library 
INL49 Icon on the Web 
INL49 Programming Languages Book 
INL49 Graphics Programming Course 
INL50 The Icon Newsletter - No. 50 – August 1, 1996
INL50 Third Edition of the Icon Book 
INL50 New Implementations of Icon 
INL50 Icon for Chinese Computing
INL50 Teaching Icon 
INL50 Book Sale! 
INL50 Web Links 
INL50 From Our Mail
INL51 The Icon Newsletter - No. 51 – December 1, 1996
INL51 Third Edition of the Icon Book 
INL51 Graphics Programming Book 
INL51 Version 9.3 of Icon 
INL51 Version 9.3 of the Program Library 
INL51 New MS-DOS Implementation 
INL51 Icon in Java 
INL51 Teaching Icon 
INL51 Web Links 
INL51 Chicon 
INL52 The Icon Newsletter - No. 52 – April 1, 1997
INL52 Mail-Order Program Material 
INL52 Teaching Icon 
INL52 Web Links 
INL52 Native Interface for Windows 
INL52 Programming Language Handbook
INL52 From Our Mail 
INL52 Knowledge Explorer 
INL53 The Icon Newsletter - No. 53 – August 1, 1997
INL53 Icon in Java 
INL53 Icon Documentation in Japanese
INL53 Handbook of Programming Languages
INL53 Icon Analyst Promotional Offer 
INL53 Program Visualization Course
INL54 The Icon Newsletter - No. 54 – December 1, 1997
INL54 The Curse of DOS
INL54 New Icon Program Library Release
INL54 Status of the Graphics Book 
INL54 Unicon 
INL54 Chinese Icon Book 
INL54 From Our Mail 
INL54 Updated Icon Web Site 
INL54 Icon Mirror Site 
INL54 Using Icon to Spin the Web 
INL54 An Introduction to Wi
INL55 The Icon Newsletter - No. 55 – April 1, 1998
INL55 Book Sale
INL55 Version 9.3.1 of Icon 
INL55 Windows Icon 
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