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{{wikipedia|Integrity (operating system)}} [[Category:Operating Systems]]

'''INTEGRITY''' is a real-time [[:Category:Operating Systems|operating system]] (RTOS) produced and marketed by [http://www.ghs.com/ Green Hills Software]. It is royalty-free, [[:Category:POSIX|POSIX]]-certified, and intended for use in embedded systems needing reliability, availability, and fault tolerance. It is built atop the [http://www.ghs.com/products/velosity.html velOSity microkernel] and is intended mainly for modern 32- or 64-bit embedded system designs that support an [[wp:Memory management unit|MMU]]. INTEGRITY uses hardware memory protection to isolate and protect itself and user tasks from incorrect operation caused by accidental errors or malicious tampering. Supported platforms include variants of [[wp:ARM architecture|ARM]] and [[wp:XScale|XScale]], [[wp:Blackfin|Blackfin]], [[wp:Freescale ColdFire|Freescale ColdFire]], [[wp:MIPS architecture|MIPS]], [[wp:PowerPC|PowerPC]], and [[wp:x86|x86]] computer architectures. There is also INTEGRITY-178B, a certifiable version for Safety-Critical applications.

==See also== *[http://www.ghs.com/products/rtos/integrity.html INTEGRITY official homepage] *[[wp:Integrity (operating system)|INTEGRITY on Wikipedia]]