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{{implementation|ALGOL 68}}{{stub}} ==Sample== With [[Interactive Active ALGOL 68]] it may be necessary to include appropriate "job cards" or precludes in order for the programs to compile successfully. Example: {|border="1" style="border-collapse: collapse; border: 5px double grey;" align="center" || Brief Algol68 || Algol68 as in rosettacode || Actual Interactive Active ALGOL 68 code |- ||

print(("Hello, world!",new line))


  print(("Hello, world!",new line))


*LIB transput
print (("Hello, world!", new line))


==See also==

  • Download incremental ALGOL 68 compiler - [http://www.nunan.fsnet.co.uk/algol68/a68mk2.zip]