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"Online code execution" is commonly implemented as a webpage with a text-area for writing/pasting code, a button "Submit/Execute", and an output-page to show the result.

That means, usually no graphics or GUI.

Online-code-execution allows for a quick test of (short) programs/scripts, without the need to install something on the own machine.

This are some known websites that allow online code execution:

  • [http://www.lua.org/demo.html Lua-demo] : just [[Lua]], with some canned demo-programs.

  • [http://codepad.org/ CodePad.org] : C C++ D Haskell Lua OCaml PHP Perl Python Ruby Scheme Tcl This can also be used to share/discuss code, much like [http://pastebin.com/ PasteBin.com].

  • [http://golang.org Go] and [http://play.golang.org Go-playground] : can run only [[Go]]-programs, with some canned demo-programs.

  • [http://ideone.com ideone.com] : Online-Compiler

  • [https://jsfiddle.net jsfiddle.net] : JavaScript, Ajax etc.

  • [http://www.tutorialspoint.com/codingground.htm tutorialspoint.com / codingground] ...


  • [http://www.compileonline.com CompileOnline.com] : lots of programming-languages, as well as shells, text-formatting, file-compare, etc. // renamed to Coding Ground