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{{virtual machine}} Parrot is a virtual machine for dynamic programming languages.

  • [http://www.parrot.org/ Parrot VM]
  • [http://docs.parrot.org/parrot/latest/html/docs/intro.pod.html The Parrot Primer]

==Languages specific to Parrot==

  • [[PASM]], ''Parrot ASeMbly'', is a low-level language that resembles Parrot bytecode.
  • [[PIR]], ''Parrot Intermediate Representation'', extends PASM with syntactic sugar.

==Languages for Parrot==

  • [[NQP]], ''Not Quite Perl'', is a simple language that looks like Perl, but excludes many features of Perl, so it is ''Not Quite Perl''.
  • [[Rakudo]], an implementation of [[Perl 6]]
  • [http://trac.parrot.org/parrot/wiki/Languages Other languages for Parrot]