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This list seems to be rather old (last edited in August 2014). Who can update it? Or will it be updated automatically? --[[User:Lothar Schirm|Lothar Schirm]], 04 October 2016

The lists update automatic when there is a change. But you must use the correct way to write FreeBASIC in the header tag is FreeBASIC, if it's not correct it will be in red in the list, meaning there is no page for that name. If it's correct it will be in blue and the link to the FreeBASIC page will work. If correct all the list's will be updated (most of the time whitin a minute). The lang tag is not case sensitive, I write it as freebasic (lowercase).--[[User:Frisian|Frisian]] ([[User talk:Frisian|talk]]) 22:49, 4 October 2016 (UTC)