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{{stub}}This will be a corpus of documentation on programmatically interacting with Rosetta Code, including the MediaWiki API as it relates to Rosetta Code, any language-specific libraries people deem to use interact with the site, as well as any other services Rosetta Code may add from time to time. =MediaWiki= [[Rosetta Code:API/MediaWiki|MediaWiki]] runs at the core of Rosetta Code. It offers several builtin programmatic interfaces, including [[Rosetta Code:API/MediaWiki/api.php|api.php]] and [[Rosetta Code:API/MediaWiki/index.php|index.php]]. ==Perl== There are at least two [[Rosetta Code:API/MediaWiki/Perl|Perl bindings]] for interacting with MediaWiki, [[Rosetta Code:API/MediaWiki/Perl/MediaWiki::API|MediaWiki::API]] and [[Rosetta Code:API/MediaWiki/Perl/MediaWiki::Bot|MediaWiki::Bot]]. =Wordpress= The Rosetta Code blog is currently powered by Wordpress.