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Rosetta Code needs a way to fund itself, and I will do everything I can to avoid ad-based support.

One strong possibility I'd like to look at is selling copies of Rosetta Code on Plan9 Publishing or similar. Of course, if you've contributed to the wiki,then I'm morally obliged to get your input. And, of course, RC being licensed under the GNU FDL, a free PDF download would be available.

I'll need your help, though, because it'll probably mean pulling data from the MediaWiki database, parsing wikicode, incorporating templates, etc. No small task.

Here are the specs I have in mind:

  • At least one edition per year.
  • TOCs based on Solutions by Language and Solutions by Task.
  • Each Task page would include the URL to the corresponding page on Rosetta Code.
  • There would be a section listing all of the contributors for each task page.

Anyone interested in helping out?