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These links represent places where the Rosetta Code community can be tied into, listend to and spoken with.

  • [http://rosettacode.org/planet Rosetta Code Planet]
  • [http://twitter.com/rosettacode Rosetta Code on Twitter]
  • [http://www.reddit.com/r/rosettacodeorg/ Rosetta Code on Reddit]
  • [http://www.facebook.com/pages/RosettaCodeorg/199439093012 Rosetta Code on Facebook]
  • [[Rosetta Code:Village Pump|The Village Pump]]—Where general questions and announcements are sometimes posed to the community.
  • [[Special:WebChat|#rosettacode on FreeNode]]—Somewhat real-time chatting with some of Rosetta Code's members. (Responses can come within a few seconds or a few hours; be patient.)
  • [[Help:Similar Sites|Similar sites]]—Sites with similar aims and properties.