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Rosetta Code has a blog, and presence on Twitter, Facebook and Reddit.

==Blog== The blog isn't frequently used, and is usually only used when [[User:Short Circuit|Mike]] needs to say something about Rosetta Code that takes more than a couple paragraphs and needs direct linkage. That's rarely necessary or useful. Nevertheless, it's used occasionally, seeing around two or three posts a year. [[User:Short Circuit|Mike]] might move it to a Wordpress-hosted blog at some point, to simplify allowing multiple volunteers to provide posts and content.

URL: [http://blog.rosettacode.org/ http://blog.rosettacode.org]

===Planet and 3rd-party Blogs=== The Rosetta Code planet contains the technical aspects of many of its users' blogs. If you have a blog of your own you'd like to see pulled into the Rosetta Code planet, mention it in your user talk page. (Point out that you don't mind that it be included in the planet) RSS feeds tagged to the technical content work best.

This isn't the best place for blogs official to particular programming languages, however. Those should be mentioned on their relevant langauge's pages on RC.

URL: [http://planet.rosettacode.org http://planet.rosettacode.org]

==Twitter== Rosetta Code's account on Twitter is used for occasional one-line announcements, suggestions and [[User:Short Circuit|puns]]. If you've got ideas for better use of it, are comfortable using HootSuite, and can put the time in yourself, chat with [[User:Short Circuit|Mike]] on the subject.

URL: [http://twitter.com/rosettacode http://twitter.com/rosettacode] ==Facebook== Rosetta Code's page on Facebook usually has the same content as the Twitter account. On occasion, someone will write to the Facebook wall. The Facebook page is also managed via HootSuite, and the same invitation for participation applies as it does for Twitter.

URL: [http://www.facebook.com/pages/RosettaCodeorg/199439093012 http://www.facebook.com/pages/RosettaCodeorg/199439093012]

==Reddit== Rosetta Code's subreddit isn't well-purposed, and was at one point being considered as a replacement for the Village Pump. At another point, it was being used as a replacement for the blog. However, it still exists, it gets pulled into the Rosetta Code planet, and it functions as any other Subreddit. It's followed by some Reddit users interested in Rosetta Code, and it can have links submitted by anyone who cares to.

If you want to point out new and/or interesting things on, about or related to Rosetta Code, that's a reasonable place to do it.

URL: [http://www.reddit.com/r/rosettacodeorg/ http://www.reddit.com/r/rosettacodeorg/]