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{{Vptopic |topic=CS Pages Wanted |summary=Requesting tasks relating to CS problems. }} There was a discussion in the IRC channel a while back where Short Circuit noted that a lot of RC traffic comes from corresponding wikipedia articles. He has asked me to come up with a list of algorithms for which we want tasks. We would want a solid explanation and a starting implementation for these tasks. I have collected a bunch of algorithms from [[wp:List of algorithms|this list]] that probably belong here (any item from that list is probably good to have though): Sorting algorithms :[[Gnome sort]] ::: I've used Gnome sort in [[Huffman codes]], to sort the heap! Nonetheless I'm little scared by words like "we would want a solid explanation" and "Anyone with a good (and/or recent) CS background..." to be able to start a new task with Gnome sort (my explanation would have been the one in Wikipedia!) --[[User:ShinTakezou|ShinTakezou]] 23:40, 26 April 2009 (UTC) :::: I wouldn't let that stop you; At worst, someone will correct the page, and it will come out better for it. --[[User:Short Circuit|Short Circuit]] 06:23, 27 April 2009 (UTC) :[[Counting sort]] Computational geometry : [[Closest pair problem]]: find the pair of points (from a set of points) with the smallest distance between them :Point in polygon algorithms: tests whether a given point lies within a given polygon ::[[Point in polygon (ray casting algorithm)|Point in polygon using the ray casting algorithm]] Computer algebra :[[Polynomial long division]] Number theoretic algorithms :Integer factorization: breaking an integer into its prime factors (I haven't checked into any of these algorithms. Make sure they're appropriate.) ::: — see [[Prime decomposition]]; which algo is in use there? --[[User:ShinTakezou|ShinTakezou]] 09:39, 26 June 2009 (UTC) :: Congruence of squares :: Dixon's algorithm :: Fermat's factorization method ::* General number field sieve ::* Lenstra elliptic curve factorization ::* Pollard's p − 1 algorithm ::* Pollard's rho algorithm ::* [[Prime decomposition|prime factorization algorithm]] ::* Quadratic sieve ::* Special number field sieve Numerical algorithms : Nth roots ::*[[Nth root algorithm]] ::*Shifitng nth root algorithm :*Interpolation (linear and cubic are probably enough) :*Eigen value calculation *Kinda cool :*XOR swap algorithm Anyone with a good (and/or recent) CS background is encouraged to jump on these tasks. Link to them as you create them. Try to give an initial implementation to help solidify the task description. --[[User:Mwn3d|Mwn3d]] 21:09, 16 March 2009 (UTC)