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{{Vptopic |topic=Email protection in code |summary=Sometimes parts of the source code is replaced with "email protected". }} With 'sometimes' I mean the Forth language and the standardized words R@ 2R@ C@ 2@ F@ SF@ DF@, but in principle it is possible, and not very unlikely, to define Forth words of the form something@, or even something@somethingelse. I suppose there is a good reason for hiding email addresses, even if those who edit the pages put them there by themselves, but would it be possible to exclude <lang>...</lang>-sections from this protection. It ''is'' possible to replace a triggering @ with &#64; and most browsers should display the code alright, and even copy-paste should work, but it's an inconvenience to mangle the code like that, and it doesn't feel right. --[[User:Tommy|Tommy]] 12:24, 16 July 2019 (UTC)

: I had the same problem with ASCII-art (as included within the

 </nowiki> </big>   <small>and</small>   <big> <nowiki> 

HTML language tags, where the art had, among other characters, random characters (such as the '''@''' character) used for dithering. -- [[User:Gerard Schildberger|Gerard Schildberger]] ([[User talk:Gerard Schildberger|talk]]) 13:59, 16 July 2019 (UTC)

:: I think I remember that (the above) was due to something that Cloudflare was doing, but I'm not sure, it was a while ago. -- [[User:Gerard Schildberger|Gerard Schildberger]] ([[User talk:Gerard Schildberger|talk]]) 16:42, 16 July 2019 (UTC)