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Active object Adding variables to a class instance at runtime Address Operations Allocator Amb Anagrams Apply a callback to an Array Array Concatenation Arrays Assertions Atomic updates Average/Median Average/Mode Average/Simple moving average Basic Animation Basic bitmap storage Basic input loop Basic integer arithmetic Basic pointer and reference operations Binary search Binary string manipulation functions Bit oriented IO Bitwise operations Bogosort Bresenham's line algorithm Bubble Sort Bulls and Cows Call foreign language function Call function from foreign language Call function in shared library Character code Classes Client-Authenticated HTTPS Request Closest pair problem Cocktail Sort Code Tag Fixer Collections Column Aligner Combinations Command Line Arguments Command Line Interpreter Common number base formatting Common number base parsing Comparing two integers Complex numbers Compound Data Type Conditional Structures Connect to Active Directory Constrained Genericity Convert an integer into words Count programming examples Counting sort Create a Sequence of unique elements Creating a Hash from Two Arrays Creating a SOAP Client Creating a Secure Temporary File Creating a Window Creating an Associative Array Cubic bezier curves DOM XML Serialization Data Munging Data Munging 2 Data Representation - Controlling Fields in a Structure Data Representation - Getting the Size Data Representation - Specifying Minimum Size Date Manipulation Defining Primitive Data Types Delegate Determine if Only One Instance is Running Dining philosophers Discover the Hostname Distributed program Divide by Zero Detection Documentation Doubly-Linked List Doubly-Linked List (element insertion) Doubly-Linked List (element) Doubly-Linked List (traversal) Dragon curve Dynamic variable names Echo Server Enumeration Environment variables Ethiopian Multiplication Eval Eval in environment Evens Sum To Even Event Evolutionary algorithm Exceptions Exceptions Through Nested Calls Execute a System Command Exponentiation operator FIFO FIFO (usage) Factorial function Factors Fibonacci sequence File Creation File Delete File Exists File I/O File Modification Time File Rename File Size Find unimplemented tasks First-class Numbers First-class functions FizzBuzz Flood fill Flow Control Structures Fork Process Formal Power Series Formatted Numeric Output Forward difference Function as an Argument Functional Composition Gamma function Generic swap Get Pixel Information Get mouse position Global Singleton Gnome sort Grayscale image HTTP Request HTTPS Request HTTPS request with authentication Happy Number Heapsort Host Introspection Huffman codes Image convolution Image histogram Increment numerical string Index in a list Infinity Inheritance Insertion sort Integer literals Interrupts Introspection IsNumeric Iterating over an Associative Array Jensen's Device Keyboard macros Knapsack Problem Knuth shuffle LZW compression List Flattening Logical operations Long Multiplication Longest Common Subsequence Look-and-say sequence Loop over multiple arrays simultaneously Loop/Break Loop/Continue Loop/Do While Loop/Downward For Loop/For Loop/For with step Loop/Foreach Loop/Infinite Loop/Nested Loop/While Loop/n plus one half Lucas-Lehmer test MD5 Machine Address Man or boy test Mandelbrot set Math constants and functions Matrix Transpose Matrix exponentiation operator Matrix multiplication Max Licenses In Use Maximum Value Maximum subsequence Measure relative performance of sorting algorithms implementations Median filter Memory Allocation Merge sort Metered Concurrency Midpoint circle algorithm Miller-Rabin test Monte Carlo Simulation Monty Hall simulation Multiple Regression Multiple inheritance Multiplicative order Mutex Mutual Recursion N distinct objects N-Queens Named parameters Non Continuous Subsequences Nth root algorithm Null Number base conversion Numerical Integration Object Serialization One dimensional cellular automata OpenGL Optional parameters PPM conversion through a pipe Palindrome Parameterized SQL Statement Parametric Polymorphism Pascal's Triangle Pattern Matching Pendulum Animation Percentage of difference between 2 images Perfect Numbers Permutation Sort Play recorded sounds Playing Cards Plot x, y arrays Point in polygon (ray casting algorithm) Polymorphic copy Polymorphism Polynomial Fitting Polynomial long division Power Set Primality by Trial Division Prime decomposition Print a Stack Trace Probabilistic Choice Program Termination Pyramid of numbers Quadratic Equation Quadratic bezier curves Query Performance Quicksort Quotes Random Numbers Rational Arithmetic Read image file through a pipe Read ppm file Reduced row echelon form Regular expression matching Rendezvous Repeating a string Retrieve a substring Reversing a string Roman Numerals Roots of a function Roots of unity Rot-13 Run-length encoding SEDOL SQL-Based Authentication Safe addition Scope modifiers Search Yahoo Search for a User in Active Directory Select Select from Array Selection sort Send an email Sequence of Non-squares Seven-dice from Five-dice Shell sort Sierpinski carpet Sierpinski triangle Sieve of Eratosthenes Simple Random Distribution Checker Simple Windowed Application Simple concurrent actions Simulate key strokes Simulate mouse click Singly-Linked List (element insertion) Singly-Linked List (element) Singly-Linked List (traversal) Sleep the Main Thread Sockets Sort an array of composite structures Sort most popular programming languages Sort stability Sorting Using a Custom Comparator Sorting an Array of Integers Special characters Spiral Stack Stair Climbing Standard Deviation String concatenation Sudoku Solver Sum a series Sum and product of array Sum of squares Synchronous Concurrency System time Table Creation Table Creation - Address Testing a Function Tokenizing A String Top Rank Per Group Topological (dependency) sort Towers of Hanoi Tree traversal Trial factoring of a Mersenne number Trigonometric Functions Two-dimensional array (runtime) Unknown Method User Input - graphical User Input - text User Output - graphical User Output - stderr Varargs Variables Verify Distribution Uniformity with Chi-Squared Test Walk Directory Walk Directory Tree Web Scraping Window management Wireworld Write float arrays to a text file Write ppm file X11 simple window XML Creation XML Reading XML and XPath Xiaolin Wu's line algorithm Y combinator Yuletide Holiday Zig Zag