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==Is this the right place?==

  • If you're looking for more information on a specific programming language, and we don't have any information on the language you're interested in, you may [[Help:Request a new programming language|request it]] on another page.
  • If you're looking how to do something ''specific'' in a language, see [[Help:Request a new programming task]]. But don't forget to check the [[:Category:Solutions by Programming Task|existing tasks]], first.

==It is the right place?==

If you would like more information about a language that already has a page, add the language to a list below. If the language is already on the list, but we still don't have much information on it, go on to "Getting your request fulfilled".

= Getting your request fulfilled =

If a regular Rosetta Code contributor knows the language you're asking about, (s)he may write some code. If none of the regular contributors knows the language, then it may not get any code.

You can also try bringing in people from outside Rosetta Code.

  • If you know someone who knows the language (or any language in this list), we'd be happy if you pointed them in our direction.
  • If you have Twitter, tweeting out a request that someone add content for your language would probably also be good. Add '''@rosettacode''', and RC's twitter presence may retweet you.
  • If you have Facebook, post on the [http://www.facebook.com/pages/RosettaCodeorg/199439093012 Facebook page].

=Languages= == Underrepresented == The following languages are underrepresented with examples compared to their relative importance. If you know or want to learn any of these languages, please consider adding examples.

  • [[ABAP]]
  • [[Assembly]] languages
  • [[Boo]]
  • [[Bash]] musthave
  • [[Deluge]]
  • [[Dylan]]
  • [[Elena]]
  • [[Excel]]
  • [[Ezhil]]
  • [[Gema]]
  • [[Gosu]]
  • [[JOVIAL]], embedded avionics and air traffic control system language
  • [[PASM]], the Parrot assembly language.
  • [[PIR]], the Parrot intermediate representation.
  • [[Processing]]
  • [[Qi]]
  • [[Ra]] Lets you program in your native tongue (http://oahmad04.github.io/ra/)
  • [[RPG]] (Report Program Generator)
  • [[Self]]
  • [[SQL]] and derivatives
  • [[Vala]]
  • [[VPython]]

== No code == These languages have had categories created, but no one has written any example code yet.

  • [[Application Master]] - Specialist language running on VME mainframes only
  • [[ASP.Net]]
  • [[AspectJ]]
  • [[Gentee]]
  • [[Hack]] (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hack_(programming_language)) a new language with gradual typing invented by Facebook.
  • [[NQP]] (Not Quite Perl)
  • [[Malbolge]] - designed to be the hardest programming language ever
  • [[PeopleCode]] - Wikipedia says, "is an (ool) object-oriented proprietary (case-insensitive) language used to express business logic for PeopleSoft applications."
  • [[Q]] The equational programming language based on term rewriting.(http://q-lang.sourceforge.net/)
  • [[QBasic]] - used to be bundled with DOS
  • [[QuickBasic]]
  • [[SmileBASIC]] - The only interpreter is Petit Computer for the Nintendo DSi/3DS, which is no longer able to be purchased.
  • [[SPARC Assembly]] - a very popular server chipset.
  • [[Visual FoxPro]]

== No description == There is no page to describe it, or such page exists but is empty. However, there are a few codes already, anyways.

  • [[FurryScript]]
  • [[OASYS]]
  • [[OASYS Assembler]]
  • [[QUACKASM]]

== No presence at all == These languages are nowhere on RC.

  • [[APEX]]
  • [[AppleScriptObjC]] (https://developer.apple.com/library/mac/releasenotes/ScriptingAutomation/RN-AppleScriptObjC/) A high level scripting/programming language that combines features of AppleScript and Objective C
  • [[AutoLISP]]
  • [[BitC]] (http://www.bitc-lang.org/), a low-level systems programming language with syntax similar to Standard ML and Haskell.
  • [[BLISS]]
  • [[Charity]] (http://pll.cpsc.ucalgary.ca/charity1/www/home.html). Charity is a categorical programming language.
  • [[CHILL]] - CCITT High Level Language, a procedural programming language, which is mainly used internally by Siemens and Alcatel for telecommunications.
  • [[CLU]] ([https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CLU_(programming_language) at Wikipedia]) Language invented at MIT in 1975, which had an influence on several modern languages
  • [[Cucumber]]
  • [[DDC]] (http://www.haskell.org/haskellwiki/DDC) is haskell-like language with strict static types, type inference, tracking of mutability and side effects in the type system and default pass-by-reference semantics.
  • [[Funnel]] (https://lampwww.epfl.ch/funnel/)
  • [[GPSS]] General Purpose Simulation System (developed from Gordon's Programmable Simulation System) is one of the first discrete simulation languages and was an influence on later system such as [[Simula]]
  • [[Joyce]] (note: One of the influential concurrent languages, probably similar to super pascal)
  • [[MAD]] (Michigan Algorithmic Decoder)
  • [[MegaZeux]]
  • [[Mesa]], early PARC language ([http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mesa_%28programming_language%29 Mesa at Wikipedia])
  • [[MUSH]]
  • [[Niakwa]] - a language that should go down in history
  • [[Powerscript]] (note: Ver 1.0 and Ver 2.0 are different)
  • [[PDP-8 Assembly]] - one of the most important minicomputers, practically creating the field.
  • [[SCL]] - Powerful, integer only, System Control Language (VME)
  • [[Shakespeare]] Programming Language - [http://shakespearelang.sourceforge.net/report/shakespeare/shakespeare.html Can be found on Sourceforge]
  • [[Splus]]
  • [[thinBasic]] (http://www.thinbasic.com/)
  • [[Tutor]]
  • [[Tutorial-D]] (https://reldb.org/)
  • [[TXL]]
  • [[VO]] (CA-Visual Objects)
  • [[Xojo]] - the new name of [[REALbasic]] (since 6/2013), perhaps just create a redirect page? Are there any issues with having two languages point to the same page?
  • [[Zeno]]
  • [[ZIL]]
  • [[ZZT]]
  • [[قلب‬]] ([http://nas.sr/%D9%82%D9%84%D8%A8/ website]) a Scheme-like, right-to-left, non-English based language

== Need Syntax Highlighting Support == These languages lack syntax highlighting.

  • [[AmigaE]]
  • [[Astro]] (Python is quite close)
  • [[Dafny]]
  • [[Dao]]
  • [[Dyalect]]
  • [[Ela]]
  • [[Elena]]
  • [[Forth]]
  • [[BBC BASIC]]
  • [[Befunge]]
  • [[Kotlin]]
  • [[Logo]]
  • [[Mathematica]]
  • [[Maxima]]
  • [[Metafont]]
  • [[Nemerle]]
  • [[Nimrod]] (Python is quite close, Nimrod has a lot of distinctive keywords though.)
  • [[REALbasic]] (Visual Basic is very close)
  • [[Sather]]
  • [[Seed7]]
  • [[SuperCollider]]
  • [[SNOBOL4]]

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