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'''SmallBASIC''' (not to be confused with [[:Category:Microsoft Small Basic|Microsoft Small Basic]]) is a [[:Category:BASIC|BASIC]] interpreter, originally intended for use on the [[wp:Palm (PDA)|Palm line of PDAs]], and currently available for [[:Category:POSIX|POSIX]]-compliant systems (including [[Linux]], [[Unix]], [[Mac OS|Mac OSX]], and [[BSD]]), [[Windows]], [[DOS]], and several lesser-known systems.

SmallBASIC is fairly similar to [[QuickBASIC#QBasic|QBasic]], although many keywords are different (for example, DO works significantly different in the two languages).

==See also== *[http://smallbasic.github.io/ SmallBASIC homepage] *[[wp:SmallBASIC|SmallBASIC on Wikipedia]] *[http://smallbasic.github.io/pages/reference.html SmallBASIC Language reference]