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I've been reading [[wp:BASICA]] & [[wp:GW-BASIC]], and they seem to claim that the main (and perhaps ''only'') difference between the two is BASICA's apparent requirement of ROM BASIC. If this is truly the case -- and I can't tell any difference between the two (but I'm going to look into this some more) -- it might be worthwhile to change this page to reflect that. Perhaps change it to "BASICA/GW-BASIC", with the original BASICA becoming a redirect, and another (new) redirect from GW-BASIC. Or maybe "Early Microsoft BASICs", which could then also include such beauties as [[wp:Commodore BASIC]], [[wp:Applesoft BASIC]], and even [[wp:Altair BASIC]] (the very first MS product).

Or not. Still need to read some more. -- [[User:Eriksiers|Eriksiers]] 18:17, 22 October 2009 (UTC)