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== Error in C example == The C example uses printf in the signal handler. However, printf isn't signal-safe, that is, if the signal happens during the printf call in the main program, it might fail. The correct way would be to set a flag of type volatile sig_atomic_t in the signal handler, and test that flag in the main program. Note that usleep returns when interrupted by a signal, so handling of that signal will not be delayed that way. --[[User:Ce|Ce]] 08:38, 31 March 2009 (UTC)==

== Many poor examples == Many of these examples demonstrate a very poor algorithm for the case of user initiated signals ( INT, QUIT, INFO...), Specifically those that set a flag within the signal handler and then exiting the signal handler (taking no other action).

If the code within the looping construct gets stuck in a (nearly) infinite loop, the test of the flag will not be performed.

Hopefully someone with a knowledge of the language syntax will revise those examples. Sincerely, [[User:Dgerman|Dgerman]] ([[User talk:Dgerman|talk]]) 22:20, 30 April 2017 (UTC)