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Anyone know a multiline shebang for PostgreSQL scripts to get around # being treated as a syntax error? --[[User:Mcandre]]

Sorry for making so many articles. [[ScriptedMain]] may require [[ScriptName]] to check whether the current module is the one run directly from the terminal, and [[ScriptName]] may require [[MultilineShebang]] because silly languages often omit the program name from ARGV. --[[User:Mcandre]]

== What is the task? ==

is the task to show how to shebang a script for the language? --[[User:Rdm|Rdm]] 17:46, 6 August 2011 (UTC)

: Seems that each example must be a [[polyglot]] in both that language and [[UNIX Shell]], and must have multiple lines of shell commands. I just now put an {{incorrect}} on 10 languages that use a #! plain shebang, because a #! plain shebang has only one line. --[[User:Kernigh|Kernigh]] 03:07, 7 August 2011 (UTC)