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==F# Excess== Could have spared the reader having to find the required output amongst the copious results given. --[[User:Paddy3118|Paddy3118]] ([[User talk:Paddy3118|talk]]) 04:43, 21 June 2019 (UTC) ==density of numbers == I have counted the "0" in my array of Position before.That is counting the numbers, still not found. The dense of found numbers is decreasing from 40% at 1e1 downto 19,6%/1e3 to 10.8%/1e9 ( maybe ~5% at 1e27 :-) ) so using a dictionary is a good idea.

        Max   not found 
(0..9)   10          6  (-> not found: 3,4,5,7,8,9)
       1000        804
   32381775   28492874
 1000000000  892005005

: When investigating the algorithm, I programmed the Python dict version first, as I thought it might be good to not keep the whole sequence. After starting to write the task description though I thught it would be good for some readers to have an alternate algorithm using the list, so added that too. I'm lazy at times; thanks for showing the differences. --[[User:Paddy3118|Paddy3118]] ([[User talk:Paddy3118|talk]]) 10:51, 5 July 2019 (UTC)