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The part of the inital task requirement: "keep track of running windows" was important. That is what makes this window '''management''' not just '''creation'''. I should have actually not put the word 'open' in the initial requirement... The idea is to work on windows already present. ''(This contribution was made on 03:31, 30 May 2009 by [[user:Tinku99|Tinku99]])''

:But then you have a task that nobody else will do except for people who are scripting their window manager. Like this, you'll get more participation overall. The major point of this site is to allow ''readers'' to compare and contrast how different languages approach common problems. Performing window management, even on locally-created windows, was not a task that had existed previously. —[[User:Dkf|Dkf]] 11:46, 30 May 2009 (UTC)

::I am ok with splitting the task into locally vs. externally created windows. For now I have expanded it with: "The window of interest may or may not have been created by your program. "[[User:Tinku99|Tinku99]] 13:06, 30 May 2009 (UTC)