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{{#if: {{{langpage|}}} | [[:Category:{{{language}}}|{{{langpage}}}]] | [[:Category:{{{language}}}|{{{language}}}]] }}{{#declare:example of=task|implemented in language=language}}
Sets up an example page {| !param name !meaning |- |task |The name of the task this is an example of |- |language |The name of the language this example is implemented in |- |langpage |(optional) The pagename of the language, if different (for example: C_sharp for C#) |}

For example, when adding an example of the [[Hough transform]] implemented in C++, you would put this at the top of your example page: =={{example|task=Hough transform|language=C++}}==

If you are adding an example in a language that needs a special page title, such as C#, you would put this at the top of your example page: =={{example|task=Hough transform|language=C#|langpage=C_sharp}}==

Unfortunately, the header markup needs to be in the page that uses the template, rather than the template itself. Otherwise, you won't see edit links.