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{{alertbox|#ffffd8|This example needs review by someone who knows about: [[:Category:Field knowledge needed/{{{2}}}|'''{{{2}}}''']] {{#if:{{{3|}}}|

}} If you know {{{2}}}, please review this example and, as necessary, improve it or describe what should be done for someone who knows the language.{{#if:{{{1|}}}|[[Category:{{{1}}} examples needing attention]]{{#set:Example requires attention={{{1}}} }} }}[[Category:Examples needing attention]][[Category:Field knowledge needed/{{{2}}}]][[Category:Field knowledge needed/{{{2}}}/{{{1}}}]]}}

Insert this message above a programming example using the text {{field attention|''lang''|''field''|Explanation of the problem.}}, where ''lang'' is the category name of the language and ''field'' is a short, consistent name for the area of expertise needed. This will put the page in [[:Category:Examples needing attention]], Category:''Lang'' examples needing attention, Category:Field knowledge needed/''field'', and Category:Field knowledge needed/''field''/''lang''. Additionally [[Property:Example requires attention]] is set.

{{template}}{{att temp}}