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{{infobox_begin}}'''{{PAGENAME}}''' is a language that is not a programming language. {{#ifexist::Category:{{PAGENAME}} Implementations|You may find a list of its implementations [[:Category:{{PAGENAME}} Implementations|here]].|}} {{#ifexist::Category:{{PAGENAME}} User|You may find a list of its users on RC [[:Category:{{PAGENAME}} User|here]].|}}

Listed below are all of the tasks on Rosetta Code which have been solved using {{PAGENAME}}.{{infobox_end}}{{Impl needed}} [[Category:Non-Programming Languages]] Don't put a great deal of information in this box. It's primarily used in category pages (click "What links here" in the navbar on the left), not all of which will have much information in them. If a language category page has too little content, but too many articles, the infobox will overlap the article list. And that looks ugly.