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'''Sorting Algorithm'''

This is a sorting algorithm. It may be applied to a set of data in order to sort it.

For other sorting algorithms, see [[:Category:Sorting Algorithms]], or:

O''n'' log''n'') Sorts [[Sorting algorithms/Heapsort|Heapsort]] | [[Sorting algorithms/Merge sort|Mergesort]] | [[Sorting algorithms/Quicksort|Quicksort]]

O''n'' log2''n'') Sorts [[Sorting algorithms/Shell sort|Shell Sort]]

O''n''2) Sorts [[Sorting algorithms/Bubble sort|Bubble sort]] | [[Sorting algorithms/Cocktail sort|Cocktail sort]] | [[Sorting algorithms/Comb sort|Comb sort]] | [[Sorting algorithms/Gnome sort|Gnome sort]] | [[Sorting algorithms/Insertion sort|Insertion sort]] | [[Sorting algorithms/Selection sort|Selection sort]] | [[Sorting algorithms/Strand sort|Strand sort]]

Other Sorts [[Sorting algorithms/Bead sort|Bead sort]] | [[Sorting algorithms/Bogosort|Bogosort]] | [[Sorting algorithms/Counting sort|Counting sort]] | [[Sorting algorithms/Pancake sort|Pancake sort]] | [[Sorting algorithms/Permutation sort|Permutation sort]] | [[Sorting algorithms/Radix sort|Radix sort]] | [[Sorting algorithms/Sleep sort|Sleep sort]] | [[Sorting algorithms/Stooge sort|Stooge sort]]

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