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[[Category:Encyclopedia]]'''{{TeX}}''' (the X stands for the greek Χ letter and so pronounced as ''ch'' in te''ch''nics, and written with a lowercase 'e' in imitation of the logo) is a [[wp:typesetting|typesetting]] language and system designed and mostly written by [[wp:Donald Knuth|Donald E. Knuth]].

See wikipedia [[wp:TeX|{{TeX}}]] for more.

Normally a ''bare'' {{TeX}} is hardly usable to typeset, so ''macro packages'' are often used. The basic macro package given as default is [[PlainTeX|{{PlainTeX}}]]; a very common and widely used macro package is [[LaTeX|{{LaTeX}}]], but there are many.

  • [http://hopl.murdoch.edu.au/findlanguages2.prx?language=PlainTeX&which=byname {{TeX}} on HOPL]