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{{implementation|BASIC}}'''uBasic/4tH''' (not to be confused with [[UBASIC]]) is an integer Basic interpreter in the tradition of Tiny BASIC, with which it is largely compatible. This version is entirely written in [[4tH]], some bugs have been removed and several additional features have been added, like user stack support and structured programming:

*PUSH, POP() and TOS() can be used to emulate DATA statements, pass parameters to subroutines or make recursive subroutines; *DO, LOOP, UNTIL, WHILE, CONTINUE and BREAK supported; *Multi line IF..THEN..ELSE..ENDIF supported; *Parameter passing supported by GOSUB, RETURN and FUNC() extensions; *Local variables supported, both initialized and uninitialized; *Alphanumeric labels supported; *"Structured Basic" commenting style.

==See also:==

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