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{{implementation|COBOL}} Visual COBOL is Micro Focus' current implementation of COBOL and is integrated with [[Visual Studio]] and [[Eclipse]]. It supports COBOL 2002, DB2, embedded [[SQL]], [[XML]] facilities, other Micro Focus products and dialects, such as RM/COBOL and ACUCOBOL-GT; and integration with [[.NET]] and the [[JVM]].

Visual COBOL supports many dialects, such as OS/VS COBOL and X/OPEN COBOL, while also having Micro Focus' [[object-oriented|OO]] extensions (originally created before was OO standardised) and Managed COBOL, which allows easier interaction with and creation of the modern framework features, such as enums and delegates.

Visual COBOL is available as a personal edition which is free for non-commercial use. However, registration is required to be able to download and use it.

{{works with|Db2 for z/OS}} {{works with|Db2 LUW}}

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