{{Wikipedia|Aikido (programming language)}} {{language |site= |compat=duck |strength=weak}} {{language programming paradigm|object-oriented}} {{language programming paradigm|imperative}} {{language programming paradigm|concurrent}} '''Aikido''' is an interpreted language that can be used for rapid scripting, prototyping and general programming tasks.

It was developed at [[Sun Microsystems|Sun Microsystems Laboratories]] by David Allison and released as open source in September 2003, with the most recent release dated June 2007. It is a dynamically typed, object oriented language with built-in multithreading.

In some respects it is similar in functionality to [[Python]], [[Perl]], [[JavaScript]] and [[Java]]. Syntactically it is very similar to [[C++]] and Java.

Aikido is available for Linux, Mac OS X and Solaris. The interpreter can be obtained from Documentation (in PDF) is at