{{language|ALGOL W |parampass=both |strength=strong |safety=safe |express=explicit |compat=nominative |checking=both |LCT=yes}} Algol W is a successor to [[wp:Algol 60|Algol 60]] closely based on A Contribution to the Development of ALGOL by [[wp:Niklaus Wirth|Niklaus Wirth]] and [[wp:C.A.R. Hoare|C. A. R. Hoare]]. It includes dynamically allocated records, string handling, complex numbers and a standard I/O system. A copy of the Algol W Language Description can be found on Karl Kleine's [ Historic Documents in Computer Science] page. [ Dabcanboulet's Algol W @ Everything2] page contains an excellent history and tutorial.

[ aw2c] is a new compiler for the Algol W language. It is a complete implementation of the language described in the Algol W Language Description, June 1972. aw2c should be able to compile code intended for the [[wp:OS/360|OS/360]] Algol W compilers with little or no modification. See the aw2c manual for more details.

aw2c correctly compiles Tony Marsland's computer [[wp:chess|chess]] player [ Awit] and Hendrik Boom's [ A68H] [[Algol 68]] compiler.

==See also== *[[ALGOL 60]] *[[ALGOL 68]] {{language programming paradigm|Concurrent}} {{stub}}