{{alertbox|#ffffe0|''Were you looking for the [[Common Lisp]] library? That category has now been [[:Category:Babel (library)|renamed]].''}} {{language}}[ Babel] is an interpreted language designed by Clayton Bauman. It is an untyped, stack-based, postfix language with support for arrays, lists, matrices and maps (dictionaries). Babel 1.0 will support built-in crypto-based verification of code in order to enable safer remote code execution.

Babel is implemented in [[C]] and compiles with MinGW32. It is still under development, so please excuse the dust and debris in the current implementation. To get started quickly on Windows, clone the repository and run bin/babel.exe from the repo directory. This will start Babel in interactive mode and the examples given on RC are for interactive mode, unless otherwise noted. Since this is a development build, you can type '0 dev' to view the dev options. To build on Windows, use MinGW32; on Linux, use gcc.